Online application for Ph.D. admission
Read these FAQs before proceeding further:

Q. Where can I get the details about the Ph.D. Program in Management?
Ans: You can visit the web page and can get the relevant information on "Ph.D. at a Glance, Admission Policy, Financial Assistance and Apply Now".

Q. I need some help, how can I contact helpdesk for Ph.D. admission?
Ans: You can send email to . Depending on the nature of query, Admission Office will reply asap during working hours.

Q. What are the information required for the online application?
Ans: Apart from your personal details, educational details, and experience details, you have to enter answer to some questions such as,
i. List below honours, awards, or distinctions that you have received.
ii. Briefly (but clearly) state your research interests that led you to apply to the Doctoral Programme.
iii. Why do you think you should be selected given your career goal, personal attributes and achievement?

Q. For how many areas of specialization I can apply?
Ans: You can apply for one or two areas of specialization. You have to select the area at the time of signup. You can't edit the area after that.

Q. Can I fill the form in more than one online session? 
Ans: Yes, you can fill the form in more than one online session. You can save the filled information in one session. Whenever you login the next time, you can fill the remaining information. You can login as many times as you require till the final submission of the form.

Q. What is the preferable size of photo?
Ans: 200 KB to 500 KB.

Q. What is the preferable size of signature?
Ans: 50 KB to 200 KB.

Q. Do I need to upload scanned copies of certificates?
And: Yes, you have to upload the scanned copies of the following documents.
Proof of Date of Birth,
Category certificate, if applicable,
PWD certificate, if applicable,
Test Scorecard,
Proof of educational qualification (to confirm the eligibility).

Q. My result is in the format of CGPA, how do I enter it in the percent format?
Ans: Most of the boards/universities provide CGPA to percent conversion formula. 
It there is no such formula is provided, then divide the obtained CGPA by total GP and multiply by 100. For example: You obtained 7.24 CGPA on 9 point scale, equivalent percentage will be (7.24/9)*100 = 80.44%.

Q. Round off of percentage score. What should I enter as percentage, if my actual score is 69.329%? 
Ans: You must enter as 69.32% only. 

Q. Whether on-campus accommodation available for Ph.D. scholars?
Ans: Yes, hostel accommodation would be provided.

Q. I have more than one qualifying exam score, which one should I enter? 
Ans: You can enter the score of all qualifying exams.

Q. I have more than one master's degree/diploma. 
Ans: You may enter the details in 'others' under the educational qualification section 

Q. How many referees do I need for the application?
Ans: Two for application in one area. You have to enter the contact details of both referees in the application.

Q. Can I add the same referees for both areas of application?
Ans: Yes, but there should be at least two different referees for each area.

Q. How do I submit a letter of recommendation from the referee?
Ans: Online Application System will send the online form directly to the referee through email. He/she can submit it directly using the credentials in the email/mobile.

Q. I am not able to fill details about work experience publications etc due to space constraints.
Ans: You may briefly furnish the relevant and appropriate information in the 'any other information' section. 

Q. I am in my final year and the final results are not available. What should I do?
Ans: You may enter the consolidated percentage of the available results. You may mention the percentage upto what semester/year details in 'any other information' section. 

Q. I am in my final year of my qualifying degree and expected month of examination is in May, 2020. Am I eligible?
Ans. Yes, you are eligible as long as you are completing all the requirements for obtaining the relevant degree before 30th June 2020. You must submit your proof of completing the qualifying degree by 31st December 2020.

Q. How much is the application fee?
Ans: Rs. 500 for one area and Rs. 1000 for two areas. However, SC, ST, PWD, and Women candidates are exempted from paying the application fee.

Q. How do I pay the Application fee?
Ans: You can pay the application fee using SBI icollect portal . You can use any of the payment methods mentioned on the portal.

Q. What should I do after paying the application fee on the portal?
Ans: You should enter the SBI icollect reference number in the IIMBG PhD admission portal using your application user id and upload the pdf of e-receipt of the payment.

Fee payment instruction:

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